Product Development

Today’s high tech product development efforts depend on expertise in various advanced technical areas, commonly focused around a few internal core competencies. Photonics is one of the major enabling technologies of the 21st century and, unfortunately, is not among the core competencies of most companies. Let Open Photonics be your trusted development partner, and use our expertise to deliver your light enabled products.
Our clients have the market understanding and sales channel infrastructure to complement our network of commercial and innovation partners. OPI also understands how to manage all these resources. Together, we drive product development forward while remaining mindful of business factors such as time to market, intellectual property rights, and a robust supply chain. Our most common arrangements for engagement are the following.
Outsourced Development
Most of our clients are interested in internalizing the development of photonic enabled technology, but don’t know where to start. Open Photonics will work closely with internal personnel to understand the problem, offer multiple solutions, and then develop a proof of concept. We then deliver working prototypes for a management and market validation. In this type of effort, OPI supplements overloaded engineering teams and accelerates your speed to market. Our expertise also eliminates the steep learning curve typically associated with such projects. With Open Photonics, you hit the ground running.
New Venture Formation
For many established companies, adoption of new capabilities is too far outside of the strategic direction of the firm. These clients need access to photonics enabled technologies but are unable or uninterested in building it themselves. Further, they do not want to enable existing or future competitors. To serve this need, Open Photonics enters into joint ventures to drive toward development and production within a new closely held entity. We will productize your technology in disruptive new markets or deliver necessary new capabilities to your product lines.

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