Technology Scouting

Optics and photonics is a vibrant and diverse field of science that requires extensive resources and expertise to thoroughly understand. Open Photonics offers a technology scouting service that allows our clients access to an insightful perspective on specific technology areas of interest. We leverage our expertise in the field, experiences in commercialization, and advisory boards to deliver technology scouting reports that capture the breadth of solutions and concise recommendations.
OPI technology scouting reports are often the first way we engage companies who are new to the concepts of outsourced development or Open Innovation. At our core we are problem solvers, and the information we deliver in these reports provides a convincing path to justify further development. Once our clients see the capabilities we find within the global photonics network and how those existing technologies solve their pain points and problems, we have effectively “de-risked” the execution of a development project.  

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