Wavelength Shift Detection

OPI has partnered with PARC, a Xerox company, to commercialize a low cost optical interrogator. The Wavelength Shift Detection (WSD) technique provides a compact, low-cost and scalable system capable of measuring the resonant shift of a target (e.g. Fiber Bragg Grating sensor) with resolution down to 30fm and up to kHz speeds. FBG sensors have quickly moved away from novelty in various material system deployments and is ripe for a disruptive breakthrough in interrogation capability like WSD.


Open Photonics is looking to accelerate the market adoption of WSD in an array of application areas. PARC has identified fiber optic sensing of battery cells as a viable approach for improved battery management, and key to this approach is a high-performance and low-cost wavelength shift detector. OPI acknowledges this as a very exciting and impactful market but there is an ever expanding application scope for fiber sensor and similar capabilities. We encourage those with commercial need for this type of technology to approach us directly and discuss how to gain access to disruptive new technology. For more information, you can download this brief technical overview document.